Add Friends

You can add a friend in which you go to his profile with your mouse pointer to friends. Then a button automatically opens and there you must click on inquiry only access, then a box appears in which you can write a personal message inside. Click on Submit Finally, and then is automatically sent a request on your behalf to your friend and once the request is confirmed, he will appear in your friends list, which is visible only for you.


Friendship exit

You can end a friendship at all times where you go to the left to "my profile". In your profile you have to do is click on the bottom of friends, there you are then displayed and your friends because if you click on the red cross on his avatar, you finish the friendship with the member.


Avatar Set

Of course you can in your own profile picture are pure. And that goes like this: You click on the left "Edit Profile" and when you click the box in the "no image change" is clicking, you have the choice of a private avatar or you can select one from the gallery. If you want to upload your own, you click on "Upload a new avatar for your own profile," then you have to "choose file" button, now select just the right image by double-clicking. But do not forget to pay attention to the maximum size of 2000kb. Finally, Simply press the Refresh and once an admin has enabled the image will appear in your profile. If you want to select an image from our gallery then you go to "select an avatar from the gallery," as you click on the image that you want to have, then just click Refresh and your avatar is in profile.


Remove Avatar

You can also remove your avatar at any time. Clicking on the left "Edit Profile" and when you click the box in the "no image change" is clicking, you have the choice to remove the bottom avatar, you simply choosing. Then just click on update and your avatar is deleted from your profile.


Personal Information Change

You can change your personal information in which you are on the left side click on "Edit Profile". There you will have to click only on Kontakinfo. Since you can change everything you want. At the end of Simply press update and all your changes are saved.


Forum Topic

If you're in the DWT forum, you simply click on the appropriate category, where there is a gray box on the "+ New Topic", the clicking. Then you only have to fill in all fields and click Update.


Modify or delete your own posts

Your theme entry / contribution you can always change. Delete a theme is only possible as long as no responses were recorded.


Search people

On each side there is a field in the bottom of the "search for content, members, etc." is. As you give the nickname of the member, the one you are looking for and press "Search". And then you will see everything that the member after you have sought, and has also added the profile.


Provide online personal add

Under personals what you find on the left side, just go to "new entry" then fill in the fields and in accordance with the "Save Entry" then click on and it's online.


A story line set

Only clicking on the left side on "stories". Since you have up on "New Entry" button, fill in all fields and now the "Save Entry" button. And if an admin has activated your story, it's online and to check for each member.


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